You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods
and be in business tomorrow.

Marketing is an ever changing landscape that requires constant adjustment. When you choose a marketing partner you want qualities such as foward thinking, innovative, creative and daring. The marketing of yesterday is vastly different than the marketing of tomorrow and we are here to help close the gap. Our staff understands that to be successful in marketing you must engage your audience, command attention and disrupt your competition. That is the real value when you work with us.

Our founders and marketers have over 20 years of experience in project management, strategic planning and growth-based marketing. We offer our services only to specific niches which
means that we are better equipped to understand your unique business and marketing needs. Our specialty is deeply rooted
in the beauty industry but we also offer marketing automation and inbound solutions to the fitness and home health industries.
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Award Winning Marketing & Automation

Extraordinary People Start With Purpose

Get To Know Our Purpose

Our purpose is to use our marketing expertise to facilitate the growth of small business and allow entrepreneurs to gain more freedom in their individual roles as owners. We believe that our success only comes from our purpose.

We are dedicated to the success of our clients. We will listen and find a way to get the answer.
We believe the drive to success is built on passion. We do the right thing.
We practice open, real communication. We face challenges with optimism.
We innovate and constantly improve. We take responsibility for the quality of our work.
Our focus will always remain toward the client we serve,
the results we produce and the impact we can make on another business.
Our mission is to give our clients more freedom while maintaining growth in their business with piece of mind that we will apply our experience and resources with professionalism and accuracy.

We strive to get results for our clients. Here's just a few...

Our revenue has tripled since using S3 Marketing Agency's Premium Marketing Program. We don't have to worry anymore how we are going to market, we just enjoy the results.

Jennifer Z., Beautique Medical Spa

We strive to get results for our clients. Here's just a few...

Our membership program, set up by S3 Marketing Agency has been embraced by 100's of our clients. This has brought in thousands of dollars in additional revenue that
is consistent and recurring.

Helen G., Skindeep Medi Spa

We strive to get results for our clients. Here's just a few...

I needed to work on my retention. I wanted to introduce a rewards program my clients wouldn’t become uninterested in and would keep them coming back for the long term. I implemented The Client Engagement Pack from S3 Marketing Agency and increased retention by 48%.

Tiffany A., Blue Salon & Spa

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